Best Dental Treatment Tourism Agencies In India

Dentistry deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, teeth, gums and associated structures of the mouth. Hence unlike the common misconception that dental treatments are only restricted to the treatment of broken and decayed teeth, dental treatments include a wide range of services for preserving, protecting as well as cosmetically enhancing the structures in your mouth.

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Some of the procedures included under dental treatments are as follows –

General Dentistry: This includes cavity fillings (silver, tooth colored, deep etc.) root canal treatment, onlays and inlays (modified fillings developed in the laboratory), crown and bridges, dentures etc. used for preserving and saving teeth.

Prosthodontics: This includes use of dental implants to replace missing teeth (single, multiple or all missing teeth).

Cosmetic Dentistry: Also known as aesthetic dentistry, this includes cosmetic correction procedures for restoring chips/rough spots/cavities/cracks, uneven teeth, gaps between teeth, broken or crooked teeth, teeth whitening or bleaching, gum contouring, etc.  

Orthodontics: This involves use of appliances, braces and aligners to align crooked teeth or teeth that are not aligned.

Periodontics: This specialty of dentistry deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases affecting the supporting structures of teeth such as the gums, alveolar bone etc.

Pediatric dentistry: This deals with prevention and treatment of dental ailments in children e.g. preservation of teeth, and prevention of dental caries and early loss of milk teeth.

Minimally invasive dentistry: This deals with the field of dentistry that uses long-lasting dental materials and removes minimal amount of tooth structure required to restore teeth to their normal condition with the aim of conserving maximum healthy tooth structure.

Oral surgery: This involves various types of surgeries done on the bones of the jaws to change their positions, or those done after any injury to the face or jaw bone, or those done for removal of wisdom teeth or sinus lift procedures.


The following are some of the latest technological advances in dentistry –

Digital orthopantomography (OPG) – In this technique, X-rays show an enlarged view of jaws, teeth and roots, and display the nasal area, maxillary sinuses, jaw joints, teeth, upper jaw, lower jaw and surrounding bone on a single film, which can be used to determine the status of wisdom teeth, or to reveal cysts, tumors, bone irregularities etc.

Digital radiovisiography (RVG) – In this technology, electronic sensors and computers are used to obtain high quality digital X-rays thus reducing costs as well as exposure to radiation. Computer-aided design/Computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) – This field of dentistry helps to create and improve design of dental restorations quickly, unlike the traditional methods.

LASER Dentistry – This field allows focused treatment of dental ailments without damage to surrounding tissues, resulting in minimum pain and swelling during treatment and speedy recovery.


As a result of technological advances in dental medicine and surgery, the cost of dental treatments has also gone high. India offers world-class dental treatments including advanced diagnostic techniques and equipment at absolutely affordable prices. Hence, India is fast emerging as a leading dental tourism destination. Moreover, dental treatments in India can be clubbed with vacation and sight-seeing, as travel cost in India is not high, making India one of the most sought after dental tourism destinations in the world.

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