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The word orthopedics comes from two Greek words, ‘ortho’ which means straight and ‘pais’ which means child. Orthopedic surgery is the branch of surgery that deals with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system.

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These surgeries are performed by orthopedic surgeons, who use both surgical and non-surgical methods to treat musculoskeletal injury, sports injuries, bone and joint diseases that occur as a result of aging, diseases of the spine, infections and tumors of bones and joints, and bone and joint disorders that infants are born with.


An orthopedic surgeon treats a number of bone and joint conditions including abnormalities of the fingers and toes, back pain, ruptured disks, sciatica and scoliosis, bone tumors, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy, bow legs, knock knees and unequal leg length, fractures and dislocations, growth abnormalities, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, sports or work-related injuries, sprains etc.


Some common orthopedic surgeries are as follows:

Arthroscopy: In this surgical procedure, special tiny cameras and equipment are inserted through a small incision to visualize, diagnose and treat problems inside a joint.

Fusion: In this procedure, bones are fused and held together using bone grafts, metal rods and internal devices.

Internal fixation: During healing of broken or fractured bones, this method is used to hold the broken pieces of bone in proper position using metal plates, pins or screws.

Osteotomy: This procedure involves the correction of bone deformity by cutting and repositioning the bone.

Soft tissue repair: This involves the repair of soft tissue, such as torn tendons or ligaments.

Joint replacements: This type of orthopedic surgery is done to treat pain in damaged and diseased joints and restore freedom of movement e.g. hip joint replacement, knee joint replacement, minimally invasive knee replacement surgery [MIKRS].


Arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery: This includes operations in a number of joints like shoulder, knee, wrist, ankle, through a small hole sized incision in the skin. It helps much faster recovery in comparison to traditional surgery.


Trauma and fracture surgery: This includes surgical treatment of fractures and bone and joint disorders resulting from injury. It includes use of high quality Swiss ‘AO’ systems to stabilize fractures, image intensifier to confirm perfect fracture fixations, Ilizarov and external fixation device management of open fractures, fusion of joints,


Spinal Surgery: This type of surgery deals with the correction of age-related spine disorders, birth defects or developmental disorders of the spine, as well as other procedures such as disc surgery, microsurgery for disc fixation, systems for fractures, surgery for spinal tuberculosis

endoscopic spine surgery etc.


Arthritis care: This involves treatment of diseases that occur as a result of wear and tear, injury or infections in joint cartilage e.g. osteoarthritis, traumatic arthritis, infective arthritis etc. and also the treatment of symptoms like aches, pains, joint stiffness etc.


Pediatric orthopedics: This branch deals with the treatment of musculoskeletal problems in children. These include bone and joint injuries, metabolic diseases, and genetic abnormalities, birth injuries or malformations as well as correction of deformities in the legs and spine, bone and joint infections, and management of arthritis in children.


Ortho-oncology/Bone oncology surgery: This surgery performed in cases with bone cancer involves removal of the cancerous bone along with a small amount of healthy bone surrounding it.


Reconstructive and salvage corrective: In patients with bone infections, implants and prosthesis infections, complicated fractures, congenital deformities and polio, reconstructive and salvage surgeries are performed to restore the form and function of bones and joints.

India has several top-notch hospitals with sophisticated equipment and investigative facilities and internationally-trained well known orthopedic surgeons. It therefore offers world-class treatment facilities in orthopedic surgery, at extremely affordable costs, thus making it a viable treatment destination for orthopedic patients across the world.    

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